9 spring trends with Bella and wren

Spring has sprung ... well kind of. Never the less many spring trends have made its way into stores and are likely to soon be apart of our wardrobe. I teamed up with some amazing ladies to share 9 hot trends this spring which can all be found at Bella and Wren in Fort Langley. Below are 3 spring trends and to find out the other 6 go check out my fellow blogger  friends Codi from Creative Wife and Joyful Worker and Samantha from The Family Jewels.

All photos provided by Steph Schulz Photography

Trend numero uno, Trenches! or trench coats if you rather. Long and and sleek they are the perfect light weight coat for spring. You won't often see me in pink but I couldn't resist this blush pink trench by Gentle Fawn and paired with the second trend of the season, block heals. These babies by Fly London are stylin and comfortable, you really can't go wrong with a good pair of black heals. Keep scrolling for more trends...

The third trend is bringing back the 90's and of course doing it with a black leather jacket. Let's face it, black will never go out of style. The 90's is making a huge comeback this spring, this long sleeveless hoodie by Zadig + Voltaire can be worn multiple ways. I paired it with this Mackage leather jacket to turn up the edge along with a light denim jeans and converse high tops. Outfit details below.


 To check out the rest of our spring trends go click on Creative Wife and Joyful Worker and The Family Jewels.
Thank you to Bella and Wren for teaming up with us! Check out there stuff at www.bellawrendesign.ca Thank you to Steph Schulz Photography for capturing such amazing photos and to Codi and Sam who helped make this happen while looking so dang good!

First look details:
Trench coat: Gentle Fawn
Shoes: Fly London
Sun glasses: Maui Jim
Bag: Rebeca Mirkoff
Necklaces: Pyrrha

Second look details:
Sleeveless hoodie: Zadig + Voltaire
Leather Jacket: Mackage
Jeans: Neuw Denim
Shoes: Converse
Ring: Pyrrha
Purse: Mackage


Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

My initial vision for this party was a classy cocktail style celebration with champaign and cute dresses but when the man of honour's favourite things are mozza sticks, bagel bites and cronuts you shift your vision. We ended up having a chill night with good friends and enjoying appetizers while sipping on drinks that were not champaign. Oh well, it's all about the people that make the party right? 

Words of Wisdom from a mom of 4

Some how Kash is 8.5 months, cutting his first tooth, practicing the art of popping his booty up on all fours and eating human food. This stage is exciting but nuts! Truth be told I've been exhausted and unmotivated for the past couple weeks so I asked someone I truly admire as a believer, a human being and as a mom for a bit of advice. She also happens to be my cousin and is an amazing mom to her 4 kids. I find her inspirational and wanted to ask her a few questions on how she does it all while looking so dang good. If anyone needs an emotional pick me up (like me) I hope this helps and perhaps you can pick up a few nuggets of wisdom along the way. 

A bit of background:

At 21, Jen married her farmer husband Andrew and have been married for almost 13 years. At 24 they had there first baby, now they have:

  • Katie who is 9 she is so intuitive, kind and compassionate
  • Hannah who is 6 she loves to smile and is naturally nurturing
  • Eli who is 4 and the only boy, he is strong, sensitive and caring
  • Natalie Claire who is 2 she is very energetic, she laughs easily and hugs freely.

When they got married Jen was in the process of completing five years of University for a Bachelor of Social Work. She was pretty sure she could manage a degree, a career and a couple kids. Crazy how we think we know the best plan for our life but God has something better in mind. After 3 years of farming year round raising chickens and working as a Social Worker some decisions had to be made. After 3 months of fasting and praying Jen decided to give up her career which she loved and stay home raising her babies. 

What are some struggle you face being a stay at home mom with 4 kids?

Lets be real...."I" cant do anything in my own strength.  I try to...and I fail often.  This would be my biggest struggle!  I can get too busy...ahhh when mama is stressed the whole family is stressed.  

Another struggle...managing time!  Shhh don't tell anyone...but I have a bit of a perfectionist streak in me ( a lot actually) and when this mama gets rolling down that road the kids pick up on it and kind of shut down.  

Finding our worth as mamas....and this is huge!  Being a mama does not always come with a lot of quick rewards...but let me tell you when you do experience the rewards they are so very precious. 

Feeling like I am "just" a mom when really its the most important ministry (next to our marriage of course!)